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For over thirty years I’ve been setting pub quizzes, mostly weekly: that’s a lot of questions.

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Many of the questions used in the beginning were from quiz books. However, quiz entrants often complained that the questions were too difficult or obscure for their pub quiz team, afterall, they entered a quiz to have fun with their teammates, not to be on Mastermind. The answers to the questions seemed easy to me; well they would do wouldn’t they, I had the answers in front of me!

So, I ended up making up the questions myself from lots of sources. My goal was to have a quiz where some answers were obvious and some not so obvious. This way, teams would be able to answer some at least and cleverer entrants wouldn’t feel their intelligence insulted. I also tried as much as possible to make the answers guessable. I’m not sure if I succeeded in my goals, but was probably doing something right to be at it for so long.

The early questions were handwritten in exercise books, then typed using my Amiga, Psion PDA, PC and stored on Iomega Zip Disks (hard drives were then too expensive and USB drives non-existent). Those quizzes are now lost/inaccessible, so you won’t be able to see how bad, or I like to think good, my early quizzes used to be. The last 20-years of quizzes are stored much more conventually.

Many quizzes were read out by someone other than me, so for that reason, I often added some extra info after the answer in case someone challenged the answer so the quiz reader would at least have something to back the answer up. I’ve left these extras in the quizzes on this website.

P.S. I’m so grateful for your continued interest of pubquizine.co.uk. I run this site on my own, and it costs money to keep it up and running. If you’d like to help out, you can buy me a coffee here:

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